Patient Testimonials

“I have known Dr Jaghandeep for more than 15 years now and as my dentist for the past four years. From what I have seen he is one of the most dedicated and professional Dentist among the group.

Recently I had root canal for two of my tooth in the upper jaws. I was totally impressed by the way he did the treatment along with Dr.Ramya. He had carefully done the procedure over the course of 1 week, during which he ensured that there wasn’t any stress and pain arising because of it.

I would recommend him for any of my family members and friends for the dental treatment.”

  • Mr.Karunamoorthy, B.E.
    Procurement Specialist, MODEC Offshore Production System
    Singapore, +65-90570923

“My 3 year old kid had his molar teeth cleaned up at Jaghan Dental Hospital. The way Dr.Jaghan handled my kid made him comfortable without pain. Thank you Doctors.

  • Mr.Kapilan, CEO &Mrs. Shiva (coronation bakes)

“The service was good. The way you are comforting children is very good and its creative too! Thank you Dr.Ramya&Dr.Jaghan.

  • Mr. Sridhar

“I was greatly disappointed when I was supposed to undergo root canal treatment for incisors but at Jaghan Dental Hospital my tooth was fixed as perfect as my original teeth using ALL CERAMIC CROWN and nobody could ever find out the false teeth. Thanks to Dr.Jaghan&Dr.Ramya.”

  • Mrs.Bindhu, B.E

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